Peter SerraFounder & Managing Director

    Peter started his career in Perth before moving overseas to work in Dublin and London.  Peter moved back to Australia with a young family and decided to establish his own practice.  Having benefited from amazing mentors in his career, he was driven by the desire to transform and enhance people’s lives through architecture.

    This could be by creating a better humanistic shopping experience, creating a home as a place of enjoyment and refuge or helping children with an active, engaging and positive learning environment.  And it is this ambition that underpins the three core facets of Select Architects today, helping people learn, work and live.

    Peter believes that what you focus on you are drawn towards.  And so instead of being overly concerned about how pretty the drawings are or if awards are being won, he focusses the organisation on what’s important to clients.

    The ultimate satisfaction is motivating and leading a team to take the spark of an idea and transform it into a wonderful, effective space full of happy people using it in the way it was intended.

    Peter balances work and philanthropy and actively looks for community projects where the team can make a real difference.  The most rewarding project was playing an integral role in the development of Samaritan House, a crisis accommodation centre for homeless men.

    Project Lead – Helping People Learn