About us

Select Architects (Select) are a multi-level solution for architectural services. We design your project and can also serve as the lead consultant and superintendent. This comprehensive approach ensures that we are with you every step of the way, focusing on your specific client outcomes and the successful delivery of your project. In fact, your outcome is our starting point and central to the whole Select process.

Whilst our process is critical, so to is our design ethos. We blend the inspirational with the functional to create spaces for high-end user experiences.

Our specialisation in commercial retail, multi residential, and education projects, is unique in the industry. We have honed our discipline, processes, and commitment to delivering on budget and on time, through our experience in blue-chip retail projects. This expertise translates seamlessly into other sectors, allowing us to offer early risk mitigation and consistently deliver exemplary projects to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on our record of maintaining long-term, repeat client relationships in demanding commercial markets.



Select have a strong history of attracting and retaining high quality professional staff.

Our team size is just right!

At 25+ dedicated professionals, we are large enough to be nimble and responsive to any issues that may arise during your project, yet not so large that you’ll be assigned a junior team or suffer constant personnel changes. Our low staff attrition rate is a testament to the stability and expertise you can expect from us, with the core of our team having been with Select for many years.

Our Offering

With a national footprint and projects in every state, we have a wide-reaching presence that allows us to bring our expertise and innovative solutions to projects across the country.

Select are genuinely client focused and do not put our ego, notoriety and aspiration ahead of clients. Their outcomes and goals are central to all that we do. We do not ‘service’ clients we partner with them to provide outstanding expertise to each and every project. For us, the Why and How is more important than the What. We pride ourselves on our record of maintaining long-term, repeat client relationships in demanding commercial markets.


Level 2, 390 St Kilda Road
Melbourne VIC 3004
T: +61 3 9860 1900


Suite 105, 46-48 East Esp, Manly NSW 2095
T: +61 2 8550 2400


Level 3, 117 Myers Street,
Geelong VIC 3220
T: +61 3 5224 7300


T: +61 3 9860 1900


T: +61 2 8550 2400


T: +61 3 5224 7300