St Mary of the Angels Parish Geelong

The Brief

To improve and enhance the historic St Mary’s Basilica as the pre-eminent icon of Geelong using specialised external lighting design.

Project Description

This striking Geelong icon was designed by Messrs Dowden and Ross and took over 80 years to construct before it was finally completed in 1937. The design called for a magnificent cathedral-like building, 220 feet long, 126 feet wide. It was to feature a giant bluestone spire, flying buttresses and an exquisite rose window. Lethbridge bluestone was used in the construction, with details in Barrabool freestone.

Select Architects worked with the Parish, specialist lighting engineers and suppliers to produce a lighting design that would illuminate St Marys Of The Angels Basilica as an historic icon in the night sky. Specialised rendering techniques and 3D animation were used to demonstrate the proposal and recognise key opportunities for improvement in the design.
Select Architects were careful to produce a considered lighting proposal that enhanced the Basilica’s exquisite design features, including the magnificent bronze and stone crosses across the transept and spire, whilst demonstrating respect towards the heritage of the site.


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