St. Joseph’s High Performance Centre

The Brief

Select Architects were engaged to convert the existing, dilapidated scout hall into a high performance gym and recreation centre for SJFNC to be used throughout the calendar football season and during the off-season for both men’s and women’s football.

Project Description

In collaboration with SJFNC and PlanGroup Builders, Select Architects is transforming fitness spaces with their groundbreaking High-Performance Gym project initiated in 2023. The project, employing a traditional lump sum tender, emphasises efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Architectural brilliance meets construction expertise, incorporating innovative elements like polycarbonate polyurethane translucent cladding.

This comprehensive effort aims to revolutionise the fitness industry by seamlessly integrating design and construction, creating a state-of-the-art gym within strict budgetary and timeline constraints. The High-Performance Gym project sets new standards, showcasing the synergy of architectural ingenuity and construction excellence while overcoming budget and time constraints through strategic collaboration.


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