Pizzeria Adamo

The Brief

A prime location in the Geelong CBD, Select Architects were asked to convert a single-storey brick office building into a modern, attractive Pizzeria Restaurant.

Project Description

Due diligence, and extensive research was required to confirm if the conversion was viable. We worked extensively with Town Planners, Local Council, Engineers, Food Safety Officers and Liquor guidelines, to produce an interior design and exterior package that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
A custom made pizza oven and bar area, and exterior awning along with new signage are feature highlights that attract customers in off the streets. Collaborating with trades and authorities to upgrade and install services ensured a seamless transition within a short timeframe.
Pizzeria Adamo has won recent awards and the Pizzeria itself was photographed as a local success story. We were able to assist this passionate business in their expansion to seat 70 people, in a space that is comfortable and modern, whilst still nodding quietly to the history of Italy.


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