Coles Traralgon

The Brief

Select Architects were engaged to obtained a planning permit for a new Coles store and specialty tenancy in Traralgon, working closely with Point Architects who were engaged to design a standalone childcare located on a pad site within the development. The project is now being delivered by Instu Group Builders, with ongoing contract administration.

Project Description

This holistic development strategically integrates a Coles Store with specialty tenancies, creating a modern retail hub with a childcare centre, addressing specific family needs
and enhancing community engagement.
The project delivery was seamless project delivery with Insitu Group Builders dedicated to realise Select Architects and Coles vision while meeting construction demands. The Coles Stores and Specialty Tenancies project in Traralgon exemplifies the integration of design innovation, efficient construction, and community collaboration. This development elevates the retail experience, offering a multifaceted hub that caters to diverse needs and fosters community engagement and well-being.


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