Brambuk Cultural Centre

The Brief

The Brambuk Cultural Centre was originally created and designed by Greg Burgess Architects in 1980 to represent the important cultural heritage of the Jardwadjali and Djab Wurrung aboriginal communities. Our brief was to refurbish, maintain and add an extension while maintaining respect and integrity to the original design concept.

Project Description

The project required close engagement with the various stakeholders and in particular with the original designer and their intent of the concept. The process was to unpick 27 years of unsympathetic refurbishment in which the original vision had been diluted. By re-establishing this vision as the guiding principle of the refurbishment, the landmark building was revived to it’s past glory.

The clients are delighted that the tired and ill maintained building has been resurrected to such a strong and connected space reflecting the ethos of their communities.


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