ALDI – ‘Project Refresh’

The Brief

Select Architects have recently completed more than 400 ALDI refurbishments since 2019 to 2022 as part of the ALDI ‘Project Refresh’ roll out in VIC, NSW, ACT & QLD.

Project Description

ALDI’s new look offers a more contemporary and spacious shopping experience. A new interior design, lighting and layout improves store navigation and enhances product display. Improved access is provided to fresh produce bay areas and helps reduce check-out wait times. High level windows to the side and rear of the store allows the filtering of natural light and offers a feeling of ‘openness’ to the space.

Select Architects were responsible for the strict planning, programming and consultant management that was vital in delivering all projects within the required time frames. Evidently, ALDI is thrilled with Select Architect’s continual commitment to successfully delivering their ‘Project Refresh’ roll out to a high standard.


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