ALDI – Leaseholds

The Brief

Select Architects have completed more than 30 ALDI leasehold stores in shopping centres across Victoria and South Australia.

Project Description

ALDI leasehold stores require careful design and consideration to ensure the greatest exposure and access from the shopping centre malls and accessways. Bright and visually permeable shopfronts feature clear vistas across fresh and colourful produce to entice the customer. Signage and wayfinding is carefully considered in these leasehold stores.
The design and construction of leasehold stores requires careful co-ordination with developers, and their consultants, from the early design phase to ensure that our client’s leasehold spaces are constructed perfectly to the correct specifications. Select Architect’s careful programming and consultation with both the developer and ALDI’s contractors allow a seamless transition between the construction of the tenancy shell and ALDI’s fit out contractors.
The client trusts Select’s ability to repeatably deliver ALDI’s leasehold stores to an exceptional standard, aiding in creating an enjoyable shopping experience for customers.


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