ALDI Torquay

The Brief

Select Architects undertook the design and development of a new ALDI store based on the current G5 Generic Design. The project presented several unique challenges and opportunities, resulting in a distinctive retail space tailored to meet the needs of both ALDI and the local community.

Project Description

The ALDI store, a new 5 aisle, side entry, end loader, mirrored store, was conceptualized and executed. The design adhered to ALDI’s standard specifications while incorporating innovative elements to enhance the customer experience and align with local regulations.

In response to the request from the Local Council, Select Architects implemented unique Gateway Signage and a Coastal Theme Artwall. This decision deviated from the typical ALDI branding, replacing the conventional tomato graphic and pylon sign. The new signage and artwall not only contributed to the aesthetics of the store but also reflected the coastal ambiance of the surrounding area.


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