ALDI St Agnes

The Brief

This new ALDI supermarket tenancy, within an existing shopping centre in St Agnes, was to feature a new-look, sophisticated design strategy, based on store trials in Victoria.

Project Description

A more contemporary and spacious shopping experience was desired for the ALDI store. Careful collaboration with the centre was needed to ensure that the client’s needs were met.
This brought about an improved store navigation and access to fresh produce bay areas, with a focus on how products were displayed and better checkout wait times. The focus on an ‘easy-to-stock’ store meant designing with consideration shelf-ready packaging – which could be wheeled into place, rather than being unpacked by hand. The aesthetically pleasing makeover offers better lighting, improved ambiance and new categories, including food-to-go and organic food.

The clients were not only delighted with the new-look ALDI store, but by Select Architects diligent management and delivery.


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