Grovedale West Primary School

Select Architects has once again provided architectural innovation with the successful completion of Grovedale West Primary School. This remarkable project stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the architectural team, the builder, the Victorian School Building Authority, and the school itself. From its stunning interior design inspired by the Flinders Ranges to its versatile learning spaces and outdoor amenities, Grovedale West Primary School sets a new standard for educational facilities.

One of the key highlights of this architectural masterpiece is its adaptable open-plan learning spaces. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of young and creative minds, these spaces can transform to support various teaching methods and activities. From collaborative group projects to independent study, Grovedale West Primary School provides a flexible environment that encourages exploration and innovation.
Complementing the indoor spaces is an outdoor learning oasis, seamlessly integrated into the landscape. The schoolyard offers a beautiful and tranquil environment that inspires creativity and curiosity. Soon, indigenous artwork carvings by Gerard Black will adorn the outdoor area, sharing the rich stories of the Traditional Owners and connecting students to the land’s heritage.

As we celebrate the unveiling of Grovedale West Primary School, it’s clear that Select Architects has once again pushed the boundaries of design and functionality in educational spaces. This remarkable institution, with its Flinders Ranges-inspired interior, adaptable learning environments, and commitment to preserving indigenous heritage, is poised to become a beacon of educational excellence in Grovedale and beyond.

For those who have followed this journey, the finished product is nothing short of awe-inspiring, promising a bright future for the students who will call it their educational home.


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