By means of our end-to-end services, from design and planning, through to building and support, Select Architects continually strive for outstanding project outcomes. Working closely with our client enables more control and greater efficiency whilst developing a sound understanding of our client’s needs. We offer the following services; maximising project outcomes whilst minimising cost and delays:

  • Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • Project Management
  • Interior Design
  • Master Planning



A successful Architect provides advice that incorporates client’s requirements and visions, ensuring they are satisfied with their project throughout the course of delivery. Select Architects aim to provide a smooth process of a development by working in collaboration with our clients and providing our own knowledge and experience combined with the best technical services. We do so by guaranteeing the final project meets time restrictions, functionality and budget.

Our Architects provide exceptional quality design, embracing and working with our client’s constraints whilst maximising the opportunities of each site and project. Select Architects offer management of projects from commencement to completion, providing the full range of architectural services from initial feasibility analysis, sketch design, documentation, contract administration through to defects.

Interior Design

The selection of accurate colours, textures and materials are fundamental when creating interior spaces to welcome and direct people through the building.

Working in collaboration with Lyall Group, Select Architects offer commercial boutique interior design and project management throughout our client’s ventures. Listening and working alongside our client, colours, textures and materials are carefully selected to create a warm environment and expert advice is given towards their design. We incorporate our client’s needs of optimal function of their space, simple traffic flow and an enhancement of relaxed interactions as well as our client’s wants of a modern-day look and feel to their space, enabling an enjoyable experience for their visitor.

Project Management

All projects demand outcomes in terms of time, cost and quality. Our professional project management service has successfully managed teams to deliver projects on time, on budget and to the highest of standards. Select Architects work through setting key objectives using a structured process for managing risk, budgets, communications and relationships and measure this success through key performance indicators. Our comprehensive service is vast and includes project planning, contract interpretation, team liaison, design control, scheduling, construction coordination, supervision and reporting.

Master Planning

The relationships of buildings, people, movement and purpose are critical to a project functioning successfully as well as avoiding conflict and accidents.

By providing our architecture in combination with project management and other specialties, we can create spaces and avoid conflict between various users to shape the individual component working in harmony with the larger project.

Our team work to ensure there is close collaboration and communication with clients, whilst ensuring successful outcomes are achieved on budget and on time. Recent projects include suburban development, sports and leisure centres, aged care developments and retail developments. Select Architects have completed a number of significant master planning projects across Victoria and South Australia, with services including:

  • Visioning;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Feasibility studies and site assessment;
  • Urban regeneration and site development;
  • Urban design frameworks;
  • Design guidelines;
  • Planning regulations;
  • Planning applications/entitlements;
  • Peer reviews;
  • Sustainability framework;
  • Consultation and community engagement;

Urban Design

Successful urban design requires making connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric to draw people into a development and guide them through a positive experience. The Select Architects team are experienced in finding harmony between neighborhoods and their towns, suburbs and cities. It takes a designer with extensive experience and refined skills in understanding and embracing the art of creating high quality urban design.

Our urban design projects include urban infill projects, regional towns and suburbs, new suburban developments, shopping centres, mixed use developments, university campuses, health centres and schools. As density increases in our towns and cities, Select Architects are sensitive to the growth brought on by a changing population. We offer excellent planning, design and management services encompassing the built environment whilst supporting social and economic infrastructure.