DATE: 2013


Design a Health and Community Services Centre within an existing site and program, integrating reception and waiting areas, interview, treatment and consulting rooms with staff offices and meeting areas.


Inspired by the Lake Condah Possum Skin Cloak, one of only six cloaks remaining in Australia from the nineteenth century, the proposed building aims to tell the story of the local Aboriginal community by subtly incorporating symbolic elements and motifs through-out the building wall, window and floor/ground surfaces.

Prior to the mid-nineteenth century almost every Aboriginal person living in south-eastern Australia wore animal skin cloaks. The possum skin cloak was a highly prized and intimate item, from the beginning of life to the end of life. Babies were wrapped in cloak and people wore cloaks right through life until people died and were buried in the cloak. In a similar way, the proposed health and well-being building will care for people from before birth right through life until death.


The proposed building design draws on cultural elements from the local Aboriginal culture and provides a building that reflects Aboriginal identity.