Clayton Road Apartments

The Brief

Select Architects were appointed to assist with the development of a multi-level apartment building in Oakleigh East. The site for the proposed development is surrounded by existing residential properties. A high degree of consideration and care was given to maximise the potential of site, whilst preserving the scale and character of the area.

Project Description

The building was designed to a sensitive scale, with all apartments featuring generous boundary setbacks, gardens and/or balconies. Increased bedroom sizes and improved circulation space have improved the internal amenity of the apartments. Carparking was contained underneath the development and was carefully engineered to mitigate a flood risk.
Articulation of the building elevations was achieved using different building materials. Powder-coated louvres ensure privacy for neighbours from the upper level and articulate the building elevation.
Through creating an open dialogue and understanding the needs of all parties, Select Architects were able to negotiate and produce a design that was endorsed by the community and exceeded the client’s expectations.